About Our Philatelic Group

PPSC was formed by a group of philatelists who share a common interest in
Peruvian stamps. Some of us met virtually on the Internet first, in places like
eBay.  Others met through philatelic societies like Asociacion Filatelica Peruana
and American Philatelic Society, while others were members of the
Peru Study
of the 1980s.   In a way PPSC is a newer version of it with the addition of a
powerful tool, the Internet.  Many of our members are experienced philatelists,
international exhibitors, philatelic jurors, board members in other philatelic
organizations, published authors, as well as beginners and intermediate
collectors.    Our goal is simple, to promote Peruvian philately contributing to the
sharing of information among all our members.

Our first in-person meeting was at Washington 2006, members from Peru,
Chile, Holland, and USA assisted to the official kick-off of the group.  In 2007 we
met twice, in August at APS Stampshow in Portland, Oregon, and in December at
Peru-Spain show in Lima.  We plan to continue with a once a year in-person
meetings at some major philatelic events, plus our continue communications
from our Yahoo group.   After all, the Internet made us all just a few keystrokes
away from each other.  If you are into Peruvian stamps & postal history, this is the
Internet group you were looking for.
Peru Philatelic Study Circle
About our Logo
By replacing just 2 letters to fit our
acronym, P.P.S.C. The 1 Real
blue of the Pacific Steam
Navigation Company, the first
stamp used in Peru, was the
obvious selection for our logo.
APS Affiliate Member # 258
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