Peru Philatelic Study Circle
APS Affiliate Member # 258
This page is dedicated to our members and friends who have helped us over
the years to grow this philatelic group.   We
Thank You for your support!
Wim De Gelder
Lima, Peru
Wim not only digitalized all Filatelia Peruana issues available
from our website, he also put together a 450+ pages index issue,
catalog number, author and topic. A must-have tool for the
Chuck Wooster
Columbus, Ohio
Founder member and PPSC
President, Chuck was one of the
biggest sponsors of our virtual
library project; thanks to his
support tens of thousands of pages
were digitalized and are now
available from PPSC website.
Tom Myers
Gordonsville, Virginia
Founder member and first editor of
Trencito 2; Tom kept us informed
periodically by working on new
issues of our journal.  As a supporter
of our virtual library project, Tom is
always looking for online
publications and references we can
make available from our website.
Henry Marquez
Fremont, California
Founder member and webmaster, Henry chased the authors of
books, catalogs and even the Secretary of Communications office
in Peru to obtain their authorizations to digitalize their publications
to making them available from our website.  He is also in a
perennial quest of influencing just one more person to get
interested in the philately of  Peru.
Julio Cesar Ponce Lozada
Lima, Peru
Julio was the first author giving PPSC  authorization to digitalize
both of his books; in addition he coordinated all the logistics in
Lima to digfitalize the many volumes of publications located at
the Postal Museum in Lima after we obtained official
authorization to do so.  Thanks to his efforts copies were made and
later shipped to the US for final conversion to electronic format.  
John Wynns
Tucson, Arizona
John designed PPSC’s Best Peru Exhibit Award.   John specializes
in the philately of several countries, his 2 Peru one frame exhibits
have received Gold medals and have participated in the APS
Champion of Champions competition.