Peru Philatelic Study Circle
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EL COMERCIO, founded in 1839 in Lima is the oldest newspaper in
Peru and one of the oldest Spanish-Language papers in the world.  
'Almanaques' was an annual publication of them summarizing the
many events and announcements in that year.  The part covering the
postal rates was extracted from digital copies on Google Books and
displayed below per individual year from 1892 to 1922
The website of Universidad Catolica de
Lima has a repository of old periodicals;
they can be accessed from
this link
Correspondence between the National/American Bank Note Company, the Peruvian
post office and the bank note company's agents in Lima.  The correspondence between
1879 and 1893 came from the Museum of American Finance in New York. The later
correspondence came from the files at the American Philatelic Research Library