Peru Philatelic Study Circle
APS Affiliate Member # 258
Pictures from our Annual Meetings
Washington 2006
Kick-Off meeting
Our first annual meeting, in the picture left to right:
Front row:  Richard Abrams, Chuck Wooster, Aldo Samame, <___>
Middle row:  Carlos Brenis, Eliot Landau, Paul Weda, Bill Welch
Back row:  Henry Marquez, Al Houed, Tom Myers
Not in the picture: Julio Lugon, Javier Colmenares and Aldo
Salvatecci also attended this first meeting
StampShow 2007 (August)
Portland, Oregon
Left to right:  Ross Towle, Richard Abrams, Wallace Craig, <_____>,
Chuck Wooster, Tom Myers, George Wanaski, Henry Marquez
Lima 2007 (December)
Lima, Peru
Seated: Tom Myers, Aldo Salvatteci, Manuel Mariño
Standing: Heinz Junge, Augusto Zavala, Julio Ponce, Walter
Kaltwasser, Wim De Gelder, Guillermo Llosa, Henry Marquez, Aldo
Sescal 2008
Los Angeles, California
Chuck Wooster, George Wanaski, Javier Colmenares, Carlos Brenis,
Henry Marquez, Aldo Samame, <____>
Peru table at Palmares banquet: Chuck Wooster, Henry Marquez, Julio
Lugon, Javier Colmenares, Carlos Brenis, Tom Myers
StampShow 2010
Richmond, Virginia
No Picture but members in
attendance were:
Chuck Wooster, Erik Emsing,
Tom Myers, John Wynns, Henry
AmeriStamp 2012 (February)
Atlanta, Georgia
At Palmares banquet:  Chuck Wooster,
Henry Marquez, John Wynns, Roger Van
Laere, Ross Towle
No picture taken at the meeting, but in
addition to the members above, Jamie
Gough and Ricardo Sebastiani were in
Picture on the right:
Henry Marquez receiving the one-frame
CoC award from Wade Saadi
Chicagopex 2012 (November)
Chicago, Illinois
Picture above: Guillermo Llosa, Jesus SItja, Henry Marquez, Chuck Wooster, Carlos
Brenis, Ariel Kwackz, Aldo Samame, <_____>, Al Houed, Roger Van Laere, Bog
On the right: Chuck Wooster won the Grand Award at Chicagopex 2012
Far right: Carlos Brenis with his Special Award for Research
Pipex 2013
Portland, Oregon
Ross Towle, Richard Abrams, Goerge Wanaski, Henry Marquez, Roger
Van Laere, John Wynns, Tom Frisque
StampShow 2013
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
(Sorry for the darkness in the picture)
David Crotty, Tom Myers, Chuck Wooster, Henry Marquez
The picture on the right:  
Henry Marquez and Jamie Gough (CoC winner) at Palmares banquet